Monday, September 21, 2009

Question of the Week: Naca and the College Market

Q: Have you ever done any of these college booking conferences - NACA, APCA, APAP? Looking into them wondering if the investment is worth it and if you haven't gone if you know of anyone who has that I could talk to and see what their experience with it was.

A: The reality is that the college market is a beast and breaking into it is a b*^*h. Let's just say it takes some tried and true strength to do it. The learning curve is huge to say the least and the pay off, is, well, lets just say it’s not consistent.

If you want more info on taking on the college market check out these great links:

1) My "Fringe or Die" blog article on NACA -

2) This is the best blog article I've read on booking the college circuit. It's very truthful:

3) My friend's article on NACA (Her name is Jeri Goldstein, she wrote the book "How to be Your Own Booking Agent") -

4) Derek Siver's (the owner of article on the college market was awesome, especially his article on how to create a flyer and postcard for that market - (it's a very different beast). I used all the advice he gave in this article and it was very helpful:

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