Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Myth Six 1f: You will get "discovered."

Hidden in the old growth of judgments and expectations and fears, there is something you want to say with your art, something that burns inside you so passionately that you would have to do it or risk burning up in the atmosphere and crash. My guess is that this story has nothing to do with being discovered. My guess is that it has very little to do with being on Oprah. Yet, it has everything to do with finding that one illusive thing that people will connect with.

As Jeri Goldstein, artist consultant and author of the book “How to be Your Own Booking Agent,” confesses, “Artists need to understand that they have to create a demand for what they are offering and this can’t be created out of thin air.”
The demand that you create comes first. The so-called “discovery” comes next. What have you done today in terms of your art career to help you connect with others in the world? If you said nothing, you should know there are thousands of artists out there with less talent than you who did at least one thing today to bring them closer to their own success. If you’re waiting to be discovered, it may just be an excuse. You need to focus on what you want, move in the direction of your vision and be vigilant about your plan of action.  
Jeri Goldstein
Jeri Goldstein is a former music agent and manager who is author of the award-winning self-published book How To Be Your Own Booking Agent (now in it’s 7th printing). The book is used as a text book in music business courses at Universities across the US and in Canada and by musicians and performing artists world-wide. Jeri is also a performing arts consultant who offers strategies and techniques on booking tours, negotiation techniques, marketing, music business and performing arts career development. www.performingbiz.com.

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