Friday, September 4, 2009

Myth Seven: When I make a million, I’ll be set

Myth Seven: When I make a million, I’ll be set
My friend sold an award winning screenplay two years ago. He still has to borrow money from his parents. I know another artist who has a TV show on a major network. When he went on a national book signing tour, many of the bookstores were empty. Another friend has written her fourth book, one has already been made into a movie. She still lives paycheck to paycheck. From the outside world, each of these artists has “made it.” An award wining screenplay, a television show, a best selling book, yet the marketing efforts never cease.

As PBS producer Paul Roberts confesses, “Marketing your work never stops, it just gets different.”

Not too long ago I listened to Bill Moyers tell an NPR reporter how he was responsible for raising the money for each PBS segment that he filmed. Having to raise the entire PBS budget myself, for my own special, I understood exactly what he was talking about.

It's not enough to just make a great item. You have to market and sell it too. The cycle never stops. Although you may eventually have someone who handles your marketing, accounting, and sales, it will always remain up to you. You’ll have to do it yourself or know enough about it to hire the right person, especially if you want the results you crave. The truth is you have to learn to take on roles which are often out of your comfort zone.

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