Saturday, September 12, 2009

Myth Six 1c: You will get "discovered."

“Like a lot of artists just starting out, I didn’t have a lot of focus in the beginning of my career. I mean there isn’t a factory that is manufacturing success templates. I just wanted to be published and didn’t put much thought into it otherwise. And so, I ended up reinventing the wheel lots of times. 

What I didn’t have then is faith and trust that things would work out. Creating my own 2-3 sentence mission, which reveals a certain level of maturity and growth as an artist has helped me head in the direction I want to go in, assess where I am now compared to where it is I want to be, and empower me to decide which projects I should say, “No” to. Now I see that it’s not a mystery to build the artistic career I’ve always wanted. It’s just that you have to have the courage to clarify it, claim it, and take steps toward it.”

Martha Randolph Carr
Martha Randolph Carr, is a nationally syndicated columnist, author, and speaker. She is the author of “A Place to Call Home,” (Prometheus), “Wired” (Nimrod House) and “The Sitting Sisters” (Cumberland House). Carr speaks to groups across the country through The New Voice Movement speaker’s bureau on the topics of race & politics, change, celebrating your children and spiritual growth. She is also the founder of the Family Tree Project, an online orphan registry to reunite the more than 200,000 older alumni of U.S. orphanages. She resides in New York City.

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