Monday, September 14, 2009

Myth Six 1e: You will get "discovered."

Though American Idol and The Secret would have you think otherwise, there really is no short cut to your dreams. You still need to do the basic work to create a road map for where you eventually want to end up in terms of your career.
How will you lending a hand to yourself as you create a solid foundation to attract the artistic success you’re seeking? If you’re crying now, how will you take a growing fan base? If you’re complaining now, how will you be able to handle more and more media exposure? If you’re exhausted now how will handle an increase in your artistic value and a public appearance schedule that may make you week in the knees?
The truth is you won’t. Enjoy the arduous climb up; it’s building your muscles so you can stay dedicated to your creative ambitions over the long haul. 

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