Saturday, September 5, 2009

Myth Seven: When I make a million, I’ll be set

Myth Seven: When I make a million, I’ll be set
Creative Sterility
Knowing that fame is fleeting and seemingly dependant on the winds of fate – here one day gone the next -  would you choose fame and the accompanying financial gain or a career that would include the same financial gain spread out over an undetermined amount of time? When the band REM signed a seven record deal with Warner Bros., I remember hearing an interview with lead singer Michael Stipe where he said, “We can basically record musical burps on our next seven albums and it doesn’t matter, we’ve already been paid.” 
Sometimes having money takes you out of the struggle that was the impetus for your creative drive too begin with.  As renowned personal growth blogger, Steve Pavlina attests, “It’s too easy to become dependent on external funding, and there are always strings attached. What happens if your financial support gets cut off while you’re in the middle of a creative project? I worked hard, sometimes sleeping at my games studio office, but when my funding source was cut off, I was stuck with unfinished projects that never saw the light of day.”

Steve Pavlina 
Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers on the Internet, attracting more than two million monthly readers to his website. He has written more than 700 articles and recorded many audio programs on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Pavlina has been quoted as an expert by the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, the Los Angeles Daily News, Self Magazine, and The Guardian.

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