Friday, September 25, 2009

Myth #4: Artists Have Demons

In my documentary film, “Glow,” my father is interviewed in his art studio. He says, “A lot of people think it’s easy being an artist, but it’s not. Sometimes it’s a curse. I mean, it’s like you have a lot of demons inside of you that you have to fight with and sometimes they have a tendency to want to come out.” He then proceeds to put his arm around a life-size sculpture of a demon. 

Unless you make demons for horror movies as my father does, then the demons you may be contending with are all of your own doing. It doesn’t make them any less real, but what artists sometimes refer to as demons, are for all extensive purposes just unresolved issues that may be better worked out with a therapist. Everyone has them; artists just tend to link them together with their art.

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