Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 11: The Neon Man (Slash Coleman & PBS): More Personal Connection

Last week when I met with she mentioned that she knew someone at PBS down in Florida. She said she would let them know about what I was doing. I didn't think much about it until a couple of days later she sent me an e-mail. 

Seems she e-mailed her friend down at WUFT who works in the community outreach and education department and her friend passed along my info to the Program Director. Just like that mu information was "in the room."

After all my many hours of coming up with all my ideas of how to get my foot in the door of each PBS station - from sending cookies with The Neon Man logo on them to an exstensive fax, e-mail, and phone campaign, this e-mail suddenly changed my approach. 

The reality is that people help people that they know and everything else is like twitter without a tweet deck - a lot of white noise and static.

Part of my plan which I would welcome feed back on when I post it on here tomorrow is how to make those important individual connections with each station. In other words, how to turn the static into a station that others can hear, enjoy and feel good about becoming a part of. Stay tuned. for more on Tuesday! 

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