Monday, January 4, 2010

Seeking Part Time Temporary Sales Person: Telecommuting OK

Although I have a more thorough detail sheet for the project which I can send, here's the reader's digest condensed version:

1) There are 3 commercial spots that are available for sale within my PBS special.

2) These are 15 second underwriting spots where a company logo and mention of the company are made following the program.

3) As a goal, I'm looking to sell each spot for $15,000, although the sky is the limit in terms of a price for a savvy salesperson. If you think you can sell them for more you're welcome to.

4) Sales persons will make a 20% commission on any $15,000 sale and 30% commission on any sale over $20,000.

5) Sales must be complete by March 1, 2010.

6) More specific information about the project is available at

If you're interested in more details or you know someone else who may be, send an e-mail to

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