Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Create a Vision Board

In the middle of all the madness that has become my PBS project, I took some time out last weekend and invited invited friends and fellow artist members of my Facebook group "Manifest Your Creative Destiny," to my apartment to create vision boards.  Although I do this every year, this year I wanted to invite some new friends over and so, I put out a call to fellow manifest members. It was fun to see my circle of friends expand.

Each person brought over 2 magazines, a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Then, after introductions, we sat around my living room and cut out pictures from what we wanted our lives to look like during the next year. As we talked about our artistic goals and dreams, we eventually started sharing photos. Someone would ask, "Hey I'm looking for a photo of someone playing the guitar?" or "Did anyone see a picture of a tree?" and then a few minutes later someone else would say, "Who was looking for that photo of a tree, I found a good one?"

It wasn't a formal thing and we didn't do any prayers or deep breathing exercises. I simply opened up my apartment, made two pots of chili (one vegi and one turkey), wheat-free cornbread, tea and drinks, gave everyone a piece of poster board and said, "Hey, mi casa es su casa. Go for it." I provided the space and got out of the way.

The only thing that I offered that was unique was I invited my friend Jerod Eisenshtadt over to give a talk on health and acupuncture and he offered free sessions to anyone who wanted them. So while people were doing vision boards and eating chili, some people had needles in their bodies.

I actually had a hard time making my own vision board. As an artist, I tend to be somewhat rebellious and to be forced to "Make a vision board now!" Well, I kind of felt uneasy about it. What a weird experience to rebel against my own rules. 

The following artists showed up and if you don't know them, please visit their websites or find them on Facebook. There are some very creative peeps in Richmond doing some pretty rad things.

Eliezer Sobel - author, musician, visual artist
Shari Cordon - experimental psychology researcher and film maker
Valley Haggard- author, blogger,
Susan Singer - visual artist
Chris Singer  - grant writer for non-profits
Becca Bernard - clown and choreographer
Lara Kimbrell O'Connor - visual artist
Dawn Layne - musician, poet
Joanna Lee - poet
Shelia Grey - sculptor
Jarrod Fergeson - Gallery Owner J Fergeson Gallery
Jerrod Eisenshtadt - Acupuncturist, owner of Community Acupuncture

Oh yeah, artist Susan Singer keeps a blog and she posted photos of her vision board. Visit her blog to learn more.

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  1. Looked like great fun...I wish I could have joined in...perhaps next time...thanks for the wonderful blogs Slash...all the best to you & the others...Namaste!