Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12: The Neon Man (Slash Coleman & PBS): The Viral Marketing Plan

On March 21, 2010, every PBS station nationwide has the opportunity to broadcast "The Neon Man and Me"  by satellite.  But just because the show will be readily available (through NETA), doesn't mean that any of the stations will air it. 

In fact, statistics show that without a promotional campaign to let PBS stations know about my program, it will likely air on only 10 of 300 stations. Based on a series of interviews I've conducted over the past few weeks, and posted on my blog, I've come up with a viral marketing campaign plan aimed at improving my program's chances of airing. 

I would be very interested in receiving your feedback on my plan. Please leave your comments below or e-mail me directly at slashs21hours@gmail.com

Viral Marketing Campaign Plan for Slash Coleman (Steps are listed in order of importance)

Goal 1: Secure distributorship on 60% of PBS stations.
a. Implement a daily Twitter campaign three times a day targeting the cities where PBS stations are located. Tweet links will take viewers to: the request for help on my website, a PBS Contact Database which shows viewers how to help, and a weekly video that promotes the show.

b. Send a gift package to all the PBS stations that contains: A picture that my friend’s son drew, his photo, a personal letter, and a small press kit. 

b. Post new videos promoting “The Neon Man and Me,” once a week until March and post them on Twitter and Facebook.

c. Send individual e-mails to my 1,500 Facebook contacts asking them to repost a request for help with this campaign. The link will send others to the request for help on my website.

d. Send individual e-mails to my e-database of 6,000 asking each person to e-mail or call their local station. A link to the PBS contact list on my website will be provided.

e. Implement a fax campaign where I send a series of 5 clever fax stories over the next few weeks to each PBS fax promoting “The Neon Man and Me.”

Goal 2: Secure national media attention for the project 3-5 times by March 15, 2010 as follows:
a) Contact journalists in the past who have written about the production and tell them about the national distribution and my viral marketing campaign. 

b) Call and press release: People Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Today Show, David Letterman, NPR, Rush Limbaugh, etc.)

Goal 3: Sell three 3 fifteen second commercials for my program (also called underwriting sponsorship spots).
a. Create a list of: drug companies that deal with depression, national funeral home companies and professional fields that’s seem appropriate.

b. Hire 1 salesperson to make sales calls and give them 15% commission on sales.

For more info about "The Neon Man and Me" and other storytelling projects by me - Slash Coleman - please visit www.slashcoleman.com

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