Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18: The Neon Man (Slash Coleman & PBS): Good News

So, I started sending out requests to by e-mail list. Asking my friends and fans to contact at least 1 PBS station on the list and send the following request.

"Hi, I would like for you to broadcast The Neon Man & Me. It's a program that's being fed by satellite to PBS stations by NETA on Sunday, March 21, 2010 from 2100 to 2200 ET/SD 07.  It's an uplifting tale about best friends that explores family, following your heart, and a journey home. The show is moving, informative, timely, and fun and there's more information at Thanks"

 It's hard to know what the PBS folks think of this. So, the following response was great to receive today. Thanks to my friend Pat Correll who works at Bliley's Funeral Home in Richmond, VA. After she sent her request, PBS sent her this message back. It made my day to have a human being on the other end respond. Thanks Pat and Thanks Megan

Ms. Correll,
Our Director of Television Programming will look at the program when it feeds to decide if we will air it and when.  Since it does not feed until March, we will not know more until then.  Please feel free to search our schedule as the time grows closer at
Megan Brown
Community Relations Manager

For more info about "The Neon Man and Me" and other storytelling projects by me - Slash Coleman - please visit

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