Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15: The Neon Man (Slash Coleman & PBS): Break Up Letter to Twitter

Dearest Twitter,
My intention in writing this letter to you today is to say things out of my love for you, for support of your own path. To point things out about you that you may not see, things that affect those around you whom love you and things that seem to hold you back from being all that you so desperately seem to want to become.

With that said, my letter isn’t meant to be judgmental or hurtful - only truthful. In a relationship where there hasn’t always been a lot of truth, I think truth can be a gift if you let it.

The reason I am writing this letter to you rather than breaking up with you through my Tweet Deck is so you can reflect on my words, read them again if you need to, print them out and perhaps show them to your counselor. 

Besides, if I broke up with you in 140 words or less, I knew all your followers would just say, “That's just plain out harsh.” In a relationship that’s been plagued with judgment and distance I don’t think I can handle more.

Twitter, you have so many rules and I know rules can protect us from bad things – lies, deceit, people who might hurt us physically. But rules also keep the good out as well as the bad. 

Rules keep out good things like – more than 140 words, e-mail addresses, the warmth of a hug, and trust. It is these good things that sustain us and give us the energy for life itself, without these essential things; it can feel as if we are being crushed by life. Since we started our relationship, more often than not, I feel crushed by you.

Since we started our relationship nearly 8 months ago:
I’ve found that more and more I’m afraid to express myself freely with you and I feel like I have to watch what I say around you. I’m looking for a partner where this isn’t an issue. I know Facebook isn’t perfect, but at least I know where I stand in that relationship.

And to be honest, I get jealous a lot. You seem to have so many followers and with all the distance (sometimes I don’t hear from you for hours or days and the best you can say to me is ‘What’s happening?”) I can’t help but to make assumptions about your love for me. As a result, I feel that my self-esteem has taken a blow since we’ve met.

One of the bigger issues is that besides reading all my correspondence you prevent me from spending time with my friends, family, and anyone else outside of our relationship. You pretend you are open to this sort of thing, but in the end I just don’t feel like you respect me.

I know I may lay awake tonight longing for you and deep down, I may want you back and I hope you will eventually appreciate my honesty because I know deep down you are decent. But I know this break-up is for the best.

I love you,

PS. I wrote this poem for you last night.

”Tweet me one more time.

Tell me what You need.
Tell me you’re mine.
Fill my heart with joy, but keep me close.
It's only one second from 4ever.”

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