Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Missing Day: The Neon Man and PBS

The countdown officially began on January 1, 2010. You might be wondering where day 1's posting is. I put that little grey thingy on the top of my site explaining what I was doing until March.  It was all I could really do - really. Oh yeah, and I added the video for a visual explanation on the side bar.

No one knows about the project yet except me and the Vice President of Programming at WCVE Richmond PBS, John Felton. He thinks I've started a huge viral marketing program... and I have... but it's still only in my head. 

I'm feeling a sense of dread and fear and stomach wrenching failure at starting this project. Maybe it's because I fear the failure the most. Maybe because this is the moment all my life I've been waiting for - like I've been playing for a farm league team for four years and I'm finally getting called up to the majors? That sounds reasonable doesn't it?

John told me if I do nothing, the PBS special will get picked up by about 10 stations nationwide. If I put forth a successful viral marketing campaign it could get picked up by about 75% of all PBS stations nationwide. With option A it seems like getting a single at my one and only at bat. With option B it seems like knocking it out of the park or at least getting a triple.

When I was procrastinating doing anything tonight and watching "Lord of the Rings," I swear Gandalf looked right at me and said the only thing I needed to do was wake up every day and plan my day out.

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  1. Hey, I've been waking up with a sense of fear and dread and stomach-wrenching failure for 42 years. The first three decades are the hardest, then you sort of get used to it.