Monday, November 2, 2009

Artists and Facebook: Networking Effectively on Facebook

OK, this entry is for those of you who think I have it out for Facebook. Although the entrance of the business world is making it much harder for artists to network on sites like Facebook and My Space, on-line social networking sites still give many artists with a networking green thumb a real plus when it comes to making connections. For those wishing to use the sites to make personal connections, there is nothing better. With over 100 million users and growing, both sites are a fantastic medium if you’re looking to expand your network.

The following is one example of the way I used Facebook to expand my network:

I had been trying to get coverage for the premier of my PBS special on one of the largest AM radio talk show stations in the country. But, there was just no getting through - my press releases had been met with silence - my phone calls left unanswered and even attempts to send personal e-mails to those who worked at the station met the same fate.

Then, by chance on Facebook one night, I noticed that I was friends with one of the station managers and better yet, I was friends with one of his friends. I sent him a quick e-mail, something like, "Hey, I see you know So-and-so. How do you know one another?" Notice that I left my agenda aside. 

At this point I had really given up on finding a way over the station firewall. When he wrote back, he mentioned that he had seen my press release come through and asked if I'd like some help. We exchanged a few messages and by the day my PBS special was due to air, he had set me up with an interview with the station’s most popular morning host during prime time. 

Rock on Facebook!

You can actually listen to the interview that resulted at:

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