Monday, November 23, 2009

The Artist Blog as a Marketing Tool

In 2002, Diablo Cody started writing about her experiences as a stripper in a blog entitled The Pussy Ranch. Her blog, like most others, was simply an on-line journal where she wrote about her experiences on a regular basis. Most bloggers also post photos, poetry and other things that inspire them, etc. on a regular basis. Diablo’s blog led to a movie offer which led to the award winning script for the film “Juno.”

But before you think that blogging will lead to your quick “discovery,” you should know that blogs don’t work as a direct marketing tool. Blogs work because there is a truthful story contained within them that reveals a personal journey and struggle. If you try to use your blog as a marketing tool, people will see right though it.

As jewelry artist Nikole Sarvay says,” I tend to only read blogs that reveal a certain “vulnerableness” about the writer. When I read about someone else being vulnerable I feel more connected to them. My initial blog entries were about my struggle with my own miscarriages and I quickly became part of a very tight community. When I took the jump and started creating hope and belief pendants which eventually branched out into a more mainstream jewelry line, my blog community supported me.”

Nikole Sarvay is a self-taught jewelry designer who forges with metal and hammer.
using semi-precious stones, glass, sterling silver, brass and unique findings in her jewelry. Having spent the majority of her professional career in the social work field, Nikole Sarvay began creating jewelry as an emotional release from the demands of her stressful work environment. After a major life transition in late 2006, her creative process evolved into a moving meditation - a practice in approaching her life in an entirely different way. Nikole lives in
Richmond, Virginia with her husband, two cats, and their Bernese mountain beagle, Rilo. Etsy nikolesarvay designs shop

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