Saturday, November 28, 2009

Artist Branding: Attitude & Altitude

In the past few years, as I’ve come to produce more shows, I’ve started hiring artists for productions, and have a new appreciation for the word professional. I won’t work with an artist who is high maintenance or pretentious. In fact, I’ll choose someone that is easier to work with over someone who is more skilled every time.  

“In my line of work,” says stylist Josh Coleman, “We call certain stylist/designers “screamers” because they are notorious for screaming at their co-workers. Keep in mind that these artists are hired because of their talent, not their social skills. Maybe their success all boils down to skill and their ability to produce something impressive or shocking. That’s a pretty tricky question.”

Josh Coleman, a fashion stylist in Hollywood and who was working on the Oscars within a year and a half of arriving says his southern charm and hard work have earned him a reputation as a solid stylist who follows through and works extremely hard. “I continually surprise new clients,” Josh says, “who just aren’t used to this type of old skool work ethic.” Josh’s attitude propelled him both higher and faster up the industry ladder than someone else who might have carried a slightly more laid back work ethic into the position.

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  1. Not exactly branding but, such an important notion- having a rep as a reasonable person who is easy to work with, is very,very valuable.