Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Artist as Introvert: Your Personal Style

Obviously, you’ll find that some tasks related to your art and business will make you feel more comfortable than others. These are your marketing comfort zones. For instance, I really enjoy one-on-one conversations and so I do my most effective networking in coffee shops, not by handing out 150 business cards each day as most business book recommend.

Other topics will bring up a sense of hesitation. You may find yourself putting them off. If this is the case, remember, you get to choose how you do it. If you find yourself hesitating, try to find the place within the task that will help you stand in your comfort zone, even if it takes you outside the box.  

The truth is, until you reach a certain level with your career and can hire others to do the things you don’t want to do, each of the things you’re not exactly proficient at will, with practice, become nothing more than a strong weakness.

That’s ok, they’ll never be your favorite tasks to do or your strong points, but you will get better at them. The important thing to do is to give yourself permission to tell the world about your art in a way that fits your personality type, which even if it changes daily, is ok too.

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