Saturday, November 7, 2009

Artist as Introvert

To tell you the truth, I consider myself to be an introverted-extrovert. Do you fall into this category? Artists in this category make up a growing majority. 

We thrive in many social situations, but find ourselves wanting to hide in others.  The information in most business books and classes for artists tends to have an extremely dis-empowering effect on art-related fear, especially for introverts and introverted-extroverts. 

If you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down, I'd love to hear about how you deal with your own introversion? Got a good tip?


  1. I definitely resonate with the idea of being an introverted extrovert. I find that I'm great in social situations where people are being their normal, authentic selves, but start to feel depleted in situations where competition or transactions are taking place. Social gatherings among friends=great, Networking events=not so much.

    For me, it's an issue of balance, as well as making commitments and then sticking to them. If I want to work as an artist and earn an income, there is a certain amount of business interaction that is essential just to survive, and then some more if I want to thrive.

    Keeping your eye on the prize is a big part of getting out the door. Do I want to be a full-time artist more than I want to have a day job and squeeze my art in around it? Yes? Then get out the door.

    One thing that helps me is to try to stop looking at it as a competition with other artists or a business transaction (where I am the needy one and they have the power), but approaching networking events and business meetings as a situation where I am offering something to the community, and they have something to offer me, and it's just a matter of finding ways to satisfy our mutual wants and needs. It turns it into an exercise in creative problem-solving and relationship building (which I love and find energizing), vs. something that feels like a drain.

    The other bit, of course, is balance. I don't go crazy trying to go to every event, or make business meetings every single day. I try to space them out, and give myself time with friends--and the creative work that I enjoy.

  2. Hows this for not right in the head. I too am an Introvert, started acting in HS just to be able to talk to people. My art? performing.
    yep, won't leave the house without a magic trick or juggling prop, with out this distraction I'm at a loss.

    This is very detramental to what I do and would be far better off If I did not have this problem, but it is part of me, so whos to say I would be any good if I did not have this problem.

    Leonerd Nimoy has a problem with crowds, so we are not alone, and it can be beat!