Friday, August 14, 2009

Creative Ambition Evaluation: How You Scored!

About Your 21 Hour Creative Ambition Evaluation Score
Q: What does my Score Mean?
A: If your score is between 120-238, YOUR CREATIVE AMBITIONS HAVE BEEN PUSHED ASIDE.
I suspect other things and other people have taken priority over your art throughout the years. But recently, your inner-artist has been knocking on the door to your heart. Use my e-books and this blog to take small steps toward the other side of the creative fence.  Soon, you’ll understand that making the leap as an artist isn’t just an idea from a fairy tale.

Q: What Can You do Now?
 - Go back and look at the questions you didn’t achieve a perfect score on.  There may be just a few or there may be twenty or more.
 - Decide which ten you would like to concentrate on during the next 30 days. In the blank space beside each of these ten questions, write a number 1-10 – one being the most important and ten being the least important. (To rank appropriately, decide which questions interest you the most or which topics, when mastered, would help you the most. Although each area is important, these ten questions will help shape your most important tasks for the next 30 days).
 - Now, “guestimate” how much time you’ll need to achieve each task and go back and enter in the “target date” for achieving these tasks beside the ten questions. 
 - In 30 days, once you’ve completed these ten tasks, go back and do the same thing for the next ten questions following the same directions as above.
 - Keep repeating step 4 until you’ve got a near perfect score.

Q: But the stupid test didn’t do anything except tell me what my weaknesses are. What else can I do?
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