Sunday, August 30, 2009

Artist Myth #8d: Your Art is Totally Original

Myth Eight: Your art is totally original
As artists, part of our natural process is to create a signature style within our work itself. Silk screened soup cans scream Andy Warhol. The movie “Reservoir Dogs,” is classic Quinton Terintino. When you see a small part of each of these artists work you recognize the artist immediately. This is also known as our style or voice and it is oftentimes an inseparable part of who we are as artists.

One reviewer said I was like “Phillip Roth on Acid.” Another, disagreed and said I was like, “Lenny Bruce on Zoloft.” Reviewing my CD, someone else said my musical style was like “Greg Brown sprinkled with Jason Mraz and steeped in Jack Johnson.”

When you work at your craft long enough, a signature style develops naturally. And although you will forever be compared to the highest common denominator, it is a compliment nonetheless to find that your authentic self and your genuine message are able to reach out so universally.

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