Friday, August 14, 2009

Artist Myth #10b: Agents

Myth Ten: If I only had an agent, my worries would be over.

I've written this great children's book, I've created this great play, I've got this killer album, etc. and I just can't seem to get an agent interested, can you give me some advice?

There is a myth that talent is enough. Shows like "American Idol," perpetuate this myth. They have all of us thinking that all you have to do is show up, show people what you've got, and you'll be the next big thing.

The truth is everyone wants to know that you can sell what you've created on your own before they'll take a chance on you. In the last paragraph of your query letter you're supposed to describe your platform aka "the size of your soapbox."

It all comes down to your platform/ soapbox. How big is your e-mail database of fans? What's your presence like on Facebook, Twitter, My Space? How many public appearances are you doing this year? How many articles have been written about you in the last month, six months, year?

My advice? Put your brilliant project aside, work on your platform and then approach an agent.

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