Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Artists Ability to Change

Most artists like to consider themselves rugged individualists who are not susceptible to falling into the same patterns of living that plague the mainstream. Most artists I know scoff at the idea of driving an SUV or owning a house in the suburbs. Listening to an artist like this wax poetic about lifestyle choices and how living life on the edge of a cliff is exciting can be intoxicating if not somewhat inspiring.

Why is it then that very few artists can get out of their own way and open the door when success comes to court them? I've found that the same lifestyle choices that drive these artists into an alternative life can also become so routine that they insulate the artist from success and act as a huge firewall preventing new ideas and abundance from coming in.

Author, mystic and medical intuitive, Caroline Myss says that most people, even when confronted with death, won't change their lives to allow health in. That's why, when my friend got cancer and the doctors removed part of his throat, he was sucking on the cigarettes again in less than a year.

All the goal setting and affirmations won't help you if you can't get out of your own way. In the end, your success isn't dependent on any person, place or condition. It's dependant on you! 

Question of the Year: In what ways do you prevent yourself from sucess?

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