Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Artist Speak: Jeri Goldstein

"I’m surprised that so many artists have business plans. They may not be the traditional IBM business and marketing plan, but they work just as effectively. One of my clients, the goth band, Bella Morte, walked into a major bank with their purple hair, piercings, a Power Point presentation and a specific plan and walked out with a $70,000 loan. With that plan and the money, they were able to set forth an Action Plan that allowed them to buy back the rights of their work from the record company."

Jeri Goldstein is a former music agent and manager who is author of the award-winning self-published book How To Be Your Own Booking Agent (now in it’s 7th printing). The book is used as a text book in music business courses at Universities across the US and in Canada and by musicians and performing artists world-wide. Jeri is also a performing arts consultant who offers strategies and techniques on booking tours, negotiation techniques, marketing, music business and performing arts career development. www.performingbiz.com.

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