Monday, December 14, 2009

5 Ways to Piss Others Off With E-mail

Just because you have a drivers license doesn’t make you a good driver. If you can pay the fee, pass the test, and your eye sight is relatively good, they let you drive. That doesn’t necessarily make you a good driver. 

The same can be said of an e-mail account. Just because you have a free e-mail account, doesn’t mean you’re a good e-mailer. In a perfect world, along with classes for bad drivers, they would have classes for bad e-mailers.

Want to Piss Others Off? Then do these 5 things.

1) Don't say Hi or use my name in the e-mail. Just send me a link or a sentence fragment. (That really, truly makes me feel special).

2) Forget to proofread the first e-mail you send out for an upcoming event and then send me another one with the additional information and then another one with some more information you left out. (Can you say, "Delete, delete, and delete?")

3) Steal my name off someone's "CC" list and ask me to come to your event even though we've never met or you've never bothered to introduce yourself to me. Can you say, "Hello, I'm a telemarketer?" (You'll get an e-nasty from me if you do this, plus I'll turn your name into the Karma police).

4) E-mail an event notice out the day before the event and expect me to attend.

5) Will your very first e-mail to me be "Hi, it was great seeing you the other night...." or will it be a very spam-like e-mail asking me to buy something? Would you walk up to me in the street and kiss me before you shook my hand? (You're so gross)

Do you have things that make you mad as far as e-mail and Facebook go? If so I'd like to hear about them.


  1. a few more!!! lol these are great... and is that little slash up there??? aw.

    - Accidentally autotype your boss's name in an email blast you're sending out about something they totally should NOT be getting. (Or worse yet, autotype their name on a racy email to your beloved).

    - Use the CC feature instead of BCC when you have email addresses that should be kept confidential!! (really, BCC is an AWESOME invention, use it!)

    - But, also... BCC someone secretly on an email so they can "spy" on your conversation secretly (ie if you are having a tiff with someone and want the boss to be in on your paper trail), and then find out that the cat gets out of the bag. That's like recording someone's phone conversation without telling them, and it can come back to haunt you.

    I still think the autotype function is just about the scariest, most potentially devastating function on email ever to have been invented. Use it wisely! :)


  2. There are some wonderful, talented artists on Facebook, that I am happy to support by becoming a fan. However... I really don't appreciate being invited on a weekly basis to events a thousand, or two thousand miles away on a different coast. This wouldn't make me so peeved if I knew that the artist was just being an amateur user of Facebook (and hasn't figured out that you can segment your friend base into lists/groups so that you don't have to invite everyone to every event, but can be smart about targeting invites). What makes me mad is that I happen to know that some of these artists are farming out their Facebook pages to interns, relatives, and administrators to handle it for them. Hey, people, if you don't know how to use Facebook-- don't offer to manage it for someone else!

  3. Tim,
    I have to admit, I'm guilty of this. It's hard for me to decide on this one. Many of my friends are also fans and like to be kept abreast of performances around the country. Often times when they know, they'll tell friends to go to one of my shows if they live in that area.

    Although I would say the majoirty of my fanbase falls into this area, I on the other hand, don't necessarily like getting invites from friends in different locations when I don't really care about what they're doing.

    So, I guess I'm on the fence about this one (or maybe just a hypocrite ;)