Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Great Book for Artists: Gene Simmons "Kiss and Make Up"

Think it's fun being poor, think again. I pulled this from Gene Simmons book which is an inspiring read from an artistic and business perspective. If you haven't checked out the story of how a poor Jewish boy from Israel, raised by a single mom, took over rock and roll, get to it!

"We have no illusions about our corporate identity - we're like any other corporation. Some rock bands are delusional. They say they're the peoples band, but even they don't perform for free. 

Whether you have long hair or razor blades in your eyes, you're a corporation. KISS broke all the rules and ended up on the cover of Playboy and Fortune. We've never made any bones about the fact that the American dream is about not only fame but also riches. Money does make you a  happier person.I t's not everything, but it's better to have more money than less. 

Americans by and large feel a little awkward talking about money and showing it off when they have it. That's why the richest men in the country walk around in jeans. When a band that has sold millions of records walks onstage in jeans, it's every bit as much a costume as KISS's costumes. Each outfit is designed to illicit a certain reaction."

From the Book, "KISS and Make-up" by Gene Simmons (2001 Three RIvers Press)

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