Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Artist Speak: Kyle Vincent on The Living Room Tour

“After years of playing traditional venues, I realized that putting up with dreadful sound, smoke, drunk patrons, incessant chatting, and then walking out at 1AM with a whopping three dollars in my pocket was not for me. A fan asked me if I would consider playing a backyard pool party for them. I said, “Well, if there are chairs, a sound system, no alcohol, and people who are there to listen to songs and stories, then, Yeah!”

It was then that the living room show was born for me. That was many years ago. I then spread the word amongst my fan base that I was available to come into their living rooms and put on a concert for their friends. Soon, I had a performance contract that specified the obligations of the host and myself, including a pint of soy ice cream, and sliced watermelon for “the talent”! It’s all laid out in black and white. I even sell tickets via my website.

Word got out that I was having success doing these and suddenly I had record companies and booking agents calling me wanting to know my “business model”. That was so funny to me.

Over the years I’ve played so many successful living room shows that I now rarely play club gigs. For the most part, they’re just not worth the aggravation. I mean, what artist wouldn’t rather come into a home and perform their art in front of 40-60 people who are there specifically to see and hear them, to appreciate what they do, and then share some personal time with the artist afterwards? It’s better for both the artist and the fans.”  

Kyle Vincent, is a singer/song writer and the current lead singer of the Bay City Rollers. He is the former lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the teen pop band, Candy.  As a solo artist Vincent toured with Barry Manilow promoting his album Trust, (MCA records) and later with Kyle Vincent (Disney's Hollywood Records). His songs have appeared on MTV's Road Rules, The Real World, Daria, ABC's All My Children, and "Save the Planet: A CBS/Hard Rock Cafe Special". Vincent's song "Sierra" was adopted by the Sierra Club and John Denver's Windstar Foundation. www.kylevincent.com.

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